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About My Work

It is the idea of movement that propels my work: releasing the power and promise of movement within a fixed form. Each sculpture attempts to suggest that image transformation.

I am greatly influenced by the human body, specifically the shapes, gestures, and momentary poses created by dancers. Through observation and sketches, I conceive a visual image of a motion and attempt to infuse that motion into three-dimensional materials. The special properties inherent in each of the materials I work with marble, plaster, clay, copper, sheet metal, wax, bronze, aluminum and mirrored stainless steel guide me in creating the shape, balance, and potential energy that makes each sculpture visually and spatially engaging.

In addition to working on studio-sized sculptures that are easily accessible for gallery exhibitions and private collectors, I am creating new sculptures in a variety of sizes, materials, finishes, and colors for both indoor and outdoor installation. These can be customized to meet the specific site location needs or preferences of individual and institutional collectors. In every case, each sculpture I make is a unique, individual work of art.

Joe Gitterman 2013

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